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Chapter 1: In chapter 1 we are introduced to one of the most important characters, Licklider. Lick was a tall man with a southern accent who was not only extremely intelligent but kind and humorous. Lick believed that in the future the advancement of the computer would help spread political information to the masses and greatly improve the lives of those with access to a computer. Bob Taylor is another character introduced in this chapter who loved science and technology. He was invited by a government group that’s goal was to research computers. Taylor came up with the idea to connect all computers together to more easily share information without having to travel to another state to look at someone else’s computer.

Chapter 2: Taylor worked to solve the problem of information sharing which at the time was a very difficult process. If someone in another state wanted to create a similar form of software not only did they have to travel to another state to learn about the software they desired but they also had to come back and replicate the entire thing from scratch. Taylor hoped to bypass this process by creating a way to share information from one computer to another without the hassle of traveling around to multiple places. Taylor attempted to recruit Roberts, a highly intelligent but reserved man, to help them in their expedition to connect computers. Roberts declined at first but when his boss received a call from Taylor’s boss he quickly changed his mind and joined them.

Chapter 3: Lick was recruited to work at BBN by Beranek. Lick was able to convince Beranek to purchase a 25,000 dollar computer for “an unknown purpose” by promising government contracts to BBN for computer research. Lick truly believed that computers would be the future and be able to change the way the business was run, improving it over time. BBN purchased a 150,000 dollar computer that could not fit though most of their doors and had little memory. They used this computer day and night giving everyone a chance to test it out.

Chapter 4: BBN was given $1 million to build four IMPS. Kahn was very skeptical about being able to build the network due to the complexity of the whole process. In February BBN had finalized its contract to purchase the DDP-516s. This machine had no disk drives, hard drives, or floppy disk inserts and had a minimal amount of memory compared to our computers today. Crowther and Walden solved the algorithms for the packet switching and realized that it would take one hundred and fifty lines of code to process a packet.

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